Where It All Started

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and the medications, dosages, and treatments described here are not meant for any readers to use as their own diagnoses and dosages. I have deliberately been vague about actual medications and some of their dosages to prevent this. They are described here purely for the purposes of showing fellow anxiety sufferers that there is help for them out there and that there is hope for them. Please seek professional medical help if you need it.

My sleeping problems started in late 2015. I had moved out of home and in with my boyfriend, was financially independent (or trying to be) on a poor salary, and worked in an extremely high-pressured job with poor management.

The problems started presenting themselves in somewhat inconspicuous ways at first: I often woke with a start while I was dropping off with my heart racing and feeling like I had just gotten the biggest scare of my life or I would sleep very lightly during the night and wake up frequently.

I have been on melatonin for quite some time prior to these problems (I’ve always had a bit of a hard time nodding off) and got my doctor to switch that for┬ávalerian which helped for a month or so.

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